(707) 431-5100
(707) 431-5100

Laquetta Talento

Head Girls Dean
(707) 547-7015
“The most fulfilling times in my life are when I can sit down with another person and talk to them about the depth of love that God has for them,” says Dean Talento.


Laquetta Talento is Rio’s head girls dean. One of her greatest strengths as the head dean is her ability to navigate tough situations, and staying calm under pressure with years of wisdom and experience on her shoulders. Dean Talento enjoys mentoring young women and is inspired to be a part of their lives each day. In addition to serving as a dean, Dean Talento also teaches English as a Second Language to students. Her class is collaborative learning, interactive, organized, comfortable, and engaging to students from all backgrounds. One of the things Dean Talento emphasizes in her class is learning through all the senses such as going for walks while learning vocabulary or tasting a traditional cuisine from another culture.

Dean Talento enjoys reading, crocheting and watching sporting events with her husband, Mark. She is laid back, introverted, and enjoys connecting with people in small groups or personally. She grew up at an Adventist academy as the daughter of the girls dean and knows the ins and out of running dorm. While attending Union College, Dean Talento spent a year as a student missionary in Nicaragua. After graduating with a degree in religion, she served as a pastor and teacher in the midwest and continued to come back to youth ministry by spending nine years at summer camp and volunteering at her local church.


  • B.A. Religion, CNA License