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Mark Tamanaha

Math Teacher
“I love teaching at Rio, because the students inspire us staff to be better people,” says Tamanaha. 


Walking into Mark Tamanaha’s math class is different than anything you’ve ever experienced.  Students talk back, engaged in conversation about polynomials and factor, while bouncing on exercise balls used as chairs.  Mr. Tamanaha converses, but doesn’t lecture.  In the past couple of years, Mr. Tamanaha has begun to use standard-based grading in his math classes, ensuring that students will not move forward until they fully grasp the material.

Mr. Tamanaha graduated from Rio in 1999, and knows from his own experience as a student here, that a teacher can make a powerful difference in a young person’s life.  Mr. Tamanaha and his wife, Vicky, consider students as part of their family.  In their free time, the Tamanaha’s enjoy riding bikes.


  • B.S. Mathematics