(707) 431-5100
(707) 431-5100

Rika Meyer

Vice Principal for Marketing, Enrollment and Development
Ext. 112
“I love working with families to find out how Rio can be a possibility for them. I see lives changed every year and am passionate about our mission to show God’s love to every single student here,” she says. 


Rika Meyer loves Rio and is constantly telling the world about what a great place it is for staff and students. Over the years, Rika has taught digital arts classes through video, Photoshop, graphic design, and photography. She loves seeing the spark of creativity and vision in students and relishes those moments of discovery in learning. Through an unexpected twist of God’s calling, Mrs. Meyer found herself pulled into Rio’s leadership and now leads the team to serve Rio’s shareholders of prospective families, current students and parents, alumni, and board members. She is passionate about keeping Rio financially sustainable so that students can Learn, Serve and Lead for generations to come. She works behind the scenes on Rio’s website, social media, articles, videos, events, recruiting, communication, fundraising, and strategic planning.

When Rika isn’t on the road recruiting or updating Rio’s web presence, you can find her at Bodega Bay kiteboarding, photographing family portraits, or playing with her sons and husband in nature. She loves hiking, gardening, hanging out with friends, being goofy, and playing with her boys.



  • B.A. Mass Communication-Photography, M.A. Integrated Marketing Communication