(707) 431-5100
(707) 431-5100

Sylvia Mirela

Food Services
Ext. 149

“I believe Jesus called me to work here at Rio because he has a plan for me and all the kids that I have the privilege to interact with. He has called me to guide them to walk straight to his arms when they feel that nobody cares about them.” 


Ms. Mirela is Rio’s “Food Mama” on campus. Every person who comes into the cafeteria to eat knows that they will eat tasty food, but also will be enveloped in Ms. Mirela’s atmosphere of kindness and hospitality. Her cafeteria workers adore her and as a trained nurse, Ms. Mirela is a natural caretaker who puts everyone at ease. What Ms. Mirela enjoys most about working in the cafeteria is her ability to use the art of feeding to demonstrate Jesus’ love. She understands that students who are away from home oftentimes need a tasty treat or extra care that comes from their “Rio Mama”. Some of her favorite meals include hand pressed pupusas from her family’s El Salvadorian recipe or her delicious potato tacos. Even a simple offering such as lemon tea with honey can life up a student’s spirits.

When Ms. Mirela isn’t working, she enjoys doing outdoor activities with her two grown sons such as hiking, running, camping, and backpacking. She is adventurous and has hiked many miles all across California’s north bay.


  • Studied Nursing