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School Counseling

School Counseling is one of the aspects of Rio life that can really support and enhance a student’s high school experience.  Rio has a full-time, on campus school counselor that meets regularly with students to address a variety of challenges or goals that students might have.

Individual Counseling

The counselor’s office is open for any student to come and speak about anything he or she needs to. For some students they work on organization and time management skills, for others its personal or social concerns they work on.

Group Guidance 

Rio’s counselor regularly meets in the dorms with small groups of students to discuss topics ranging from relationships, to managing emotions.

We know life can seem overwhelming for students. That’s why there is someone on campus to help with the personal, social, and career aspects of life.

Guidance Lessons

At various times the school counselor will work with teachers to augment the science, religion, or  into the classroom for a short exercise or a long discussion. Topics often are integrated with the class’s topics.

College & Career Counseling

Rio’s counselor meets with classes to guide and educate students about career and college options. Throughout the school year, topics covered range from career assessments, college planning, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and one on one counseling.

Rio’s school counselor also regularly sends out resources to parents to pull them into the conversation about further education and financial assistance and to stay on track with deadlines throughout the year.

Standardized Testing

Rio is an official test site for the ACT, SAT, and TOEFL tests. Please consult the school calendar for test dates and last dates to register. To sign up for a test, click on one of the links below.

In addition to standardized testing for college admission, Rio issues the PSAT and other standardized tests throughout the year to monitor and track student learning. Our data demonstrate a significant increase in academic performance in the areas of reading comprehension, writing skills, and problem-solving.

Rio’s library has many test preparation textbooks to prepare you for the test day.