Social Life

Beyond the Classroom

The high school experience is about much more than being in a classroom and retaining information. In fact, life outside the classroom is just as important when it comes to communication and growth.  At Rio, the opportunities for growth outside the classroom are as exhilarating and diverse as our students.

Because our students are at a boarding academy, most of the bonding happens in the dorms and during the weekend festivities. We have activities planned by the students for weekend events so that students get involved in all aspects of Rio. We have a group called Student Association, which is a student led organization that is voted in by the students. They play a key role in planning the events and activities for the students at Rio.

The Student Association plans activities throughout the year to give students time to have fun and enjoy time together. SA activities, which usually take place on Saturday nights range from cardboard boat races in the pool, battle of the sexes, Minute to Win It challenges, fashion shows, the Price is Right, and more. Twice a year, the school holds a banquet that gives students a chance to ask each other out on a date and dress up.

Outside of the classroom, students also join clubs. In these clubs, students can experience food, culture, and group projects.

Boys playing pool