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Rio has become “Home” by Joe, ’18

An excerpt taken from Mr. Yingling’s English IV class, entitled “Definition Paragraph.”

(Joe was the goal keeper for Rio’s 2017 Soccer team above.)

For me, Rio is my “second home” where I have found true happiness. The reason why I define Rio as home is because of the staff members and students. I started at Rio in 2015. When I got here, I felt afraid because I didn’t know anything about this school. I also felt homesick at the beginning of the school year, but the staff members and the students at Rio treated me well. I felt that Rio was a safe place for me. I used to get bullied when I was studying at my previous school. During that time, I was afraid to go to school, and I thought that school was a dangerous place. Once I arrived at Rio, I felt much safer because I soon became part part of a large family. In this family environment, I was able to find the happiness I desired because I have had a very good time here. I have joined sports teams, enjoyed dorm life, and been challenged in my classes. I have never experienced these things before. I’ve never lived in a dorm; but since I have lived here, I’ve had many great and happy experiences. Also, the way that the teachers teach is more interesting than my old school. Because of these things, I have many happy memories of Rio. In conclusion, the reason why Rio means home and happiness is that I feel safe here, and I have been able to enjoy many experiences. —Joe Ma, ’18

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  1. Steven Johnson

    Well said Joe. I’m glad you were able to find Rio a safe place. It’s a family. I’m glad you’re part of the Rio family

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