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Feeding Hearts & Bellies

Throughout the year, our students help others in need throughout their communities. One of our goals as a school is for our students to lead lives of service. Jeicira, a junior, did just this over our winter break with her mom.

“My mom and I love helping people out at all times, and since COVID started, we were so isolated at home that we stopped doing it for a while. Then we came up with an idea to give warm cooked New Year meals to people who could unfortunately not afford it this year, as well as groceries. So I published this idea on my social media, and told people to pass the word on. At first we were planning on helping three families with meals and groceries and ended up helping seven families.

The families gave us their ideal food lists, and we went on shopping for hours and hours for the groceries. We then got home and started cooking all the meals and lastly, delivered them to their house, since most families didn’t have a form of transportation. We got to meet so many beautiful people that lived around us, that we never took in consideration that they were going through hard times. It’s so good to love and help your community, no matter if it’s in the littlest way possible because you never know when that could be you in their position.

My mom taught me since I was small, that no matter how little you have, it’s always enough to split and share and I now go by it. Ever since then, I’ve loved helping others and it hurts my heart to see people go through hard times, and the littlest I could do from the bottom of my heart to help I will always be pleasured to do, always!”

Praise God for our students and their families for making this world a better place!

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