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Rio Ranked #1 for Diversity in County

Rio Lindo Adventist Academy was recently ranked as #1 in Sonoma County for Diversity, #2 Overall Private High school in Sonoma County, #4 in California for Diversity, and #7 in the U.S. for diversity in a private high school by the school and community ranking website,

Rio’s student population has no overwhelming majority of students, and up to half of the students come from households who speak more than one language at home. This mix of cultures adds to every student’s educational experience by instilling empathy and a broader worldview.

One way that Rio celebrates its students’ many heritages is through its annual Talent Show during Parent Weekend. Students dress up in their own cultural wardrobe and deliver a welcome message in their family’s native tongue. Some students have to research and call aunties and grandparents to learn the correct vocabulary and pronunciation for the message. A couple of students included American Sign Language this year as well. 

When they are finished, the students line up across the stage, smiling proudly at who and what they represent and many in the audience are moved to tears.

Rio’s mission is to reflect Christ, cultivate the relevancy and excitement of learning, and impact the world through education and service. A student body with global roots, students who treat each other with respect and love, gives all of us hope for our future and a glimpse of heaven.

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    Greetings Rio Lindo Adventist Academy;

    I am in the Class of 1975. Attending Rio Lindo has a life long ever lasting magnificent experience for me. I learned how to grow closer to Christ, fellowship with others, helping others in my community and outside my community. I learned so much at Rio, and developed my leadership skills, communication skills, learning and growing as an all-around person. All of my classes, especially Religion, were developmentally advanced compared to other schools. Rio campus is majestic ad so beautiful, surreal. The pace and tranquility you will find at Rio Lindo is unmatched by any other campus. Rio is a safe, secure campus with love and devotion from the staff. A school full of helpfulness, spirituality and caring, gently and carefully guiding the students to develop all of their full potential to become successful human being in life. Growing closer to God is the goal, having a strong relationship with God, while simultaneously developing scholastic shills. You get a deeper understanding of self-ad spirituality combined as you grow in Christ. Lots of fun activities, formal banquets, trips, community outreach, trips to our Russia River behind the campus with lots of fun, talent shows, concerts, plays and devotion to a Christian lifestyle with so any adventures to experience. Diversity is big part of Rio Lindo lifestyle and atmosphere, which enhances everyone’s development. Rio Lindo is a BIG part of my lifestyle and Rio Lindo will always be. So many fun times at Rio Lindo. And after you graduate, the adventure begins, you get to show all of your talents and skills you leared ad experienced at Rio Lindo and share them with the entire world, which is anxiously waiting for you to shine!

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