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Virtual Counseling Service Launched for Students

Over the past two years, teens have faced a myriad of challenges to their learning, family life, and relationships due in part to COVID. This semester, Rio launched a new counseling service that caters to the growing need of mental health support for its students.

The service, called Sync Talk by Synchronous Health, provides students with licensed counselors who they meet with virtually through an app. The app has personalized support for each student and licensed counselors provide students with a listening ear, coping skills, and tools to address issues like relationships, stress, anxiety and depression, loneliness and isolation. 

Students are able to select their own counselor and set up weekly appointments for advice and mental health check-ins. The service is unlimited for Rio students and is private, confidential and compliant with HIPAA and health laws. After a student completes a counseling session, they can access the app to complete homework, track healthy habits, and communicate with their counselor. Parents are also provided with resources to address issues that their teens are facing. 

Recent surveys among teens today demonstrate that many students struggle with time management, stress, social pressures, and depression and anxiety. The ultimate goal of the Sync Talk counseling program is to give students strategies to be their best and become healthy in all aspects of life which aligns with Rio’s philosophy to educate each student’s mind, body, and soul.

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