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Work Program

Student labor at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy is an integral part of the total school program. Students are not obligated to work but are encouraged. It helps to defray tuition costs and also helps to teach responsibility, self-reliance, work ethic, as well as self-satisfaction.


Rio has many job opportunities. The goal is to place a student in a work area he/she would enjoy and one that would provide them with hands-on experience for a future employment opportunity. There are 28 work areas on campus.  A few of the available job departments are the cafeteria, dormitories, grounds, administrative offices, library, music department, gymnasium, and the registrar’s office.


Job placement is decided based on age, ability, availability, and experience.  Each student worker is paid the California minimum wage.  A student’s work schedule will depend on his/her class schedule and their financial needs.

I gained a strong work ethic at Rio

 The faculty showed us how to work hard but still have fun! I learned how to be more responsible and was confident when getting a job out in the real world. I know my work ethic is strong, thanks to Rio’s work program. 

Alumni, Class of '91